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Research Consultants International offers a host of services designed for worldwide Economic Development organizations and Investment Promotion agencies. These customized services, which can be utilized both independently as well is in combination with one another, serve to enhance your organization’s investment attraction objectives and your region’s overall competitiveness in the global marketplace. Whether your goal is to learn more about existing trends, promote your region's strength or secure new corporate investment, Research Consultants International has a solution for you.

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Meeting & Matchmaking

This is our core competency... 

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Lead Generation

This is our collaborative approach...

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In-Market Representation

This is where we do the talking...

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This is where we position you...

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Event Planning

This is where we shine the spotlight on you...

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This is where we keep jobs local...

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Database Development

This is where we empower you...

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Mergers & Acquisitions

This is where we link buyers and sellers...

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B2B Trade & Export

This is where we find new markets...

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