fdi365fdi365 is a customized global online business intelligence platform that is a gateway for international investment attraction and business recruitment.


fdi365 was launched by Research Consultants International FDI, Inc. in response to economic development clients’ requests for target list development. The platform was developed by combining the newest technologies, human curated business intelligence, online analytics and Research Consultants International FDI, Inc. proprietary research methodologies.


Research Consultants International’s business intelligence team will organize a product launch session to collect the desired targeting criteria. By taking into consideration each client’s value proposition, investment criteria and regional advantage, the team will carefully identify 365 target firms per year (on average one new firm each day) that is a fit for potential expansion and business recruitment.


Anchored by unmatched lead generation services, fdi365 combines sophisticated human curated techniques and predictive online analytics to deliver a sophisticated platform packed with insight. The platform can focus on targeted industry, geography, trade mission, M&A, industrial park, trade & export or by conference.


The team will analyze key growth indicators and combine these factors with proprietary primary data collection techniques to determine the best potential investors. Key factors include company’s financial viability, corporate growth strategy, daily primary data generated by Research Consultants International, supply chain compatibility, FDI indicators, business development and R&D activities, investment history, growth patterns and analysis of news articles. Each company will include selection rationale detailing every selection as a viable, elite prospect to target.


For more information on fdi365 please visit: www.fdi365.com

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