In-Market Representation
This is where we do the talking.


Research Consultants International can provide a regular, on-the-ground presence across Canada, the United States, Europe and South America. Research Consultants International’s global presence allows for a multi-national reach without the high overhead. This service allows one of our representatives to serve as a dedicated member of your team in a desired geographic location.


Research Consultants International is headquartered in Montreal with offices or strategic partnerships in the following Greater Metropolitan areas: Toronto (ON), St Johns (NL), Victoria (BC), New York, Boston, St. Louis, New Orleans, Phoenix, Silicon Valley, London (UK), Düsseldorf (DE) ,Geneva (CH) and Santiago (CL).

Research Consultants International’s dedicated representatives will travel to all meetings on the client’s behalf, chronicle the various topics discussed in each meeting and prepare a corresponding “post-meeting report”, which will subsequently be provided to the client.


This includes:


  • Day to day liaison with the team, including update calls and emails
  • Strategic planning, direction, and refinement of activities as necessary
  • Provision of weekly and monthly reports and documentation
  • Co-ordination of investment missions and providing the necessary on the ground support as required
  • Co-ordination of site visits to your area
  • Research Consultants International will act as in-market representatives to deliver trade and investment projects
  • Representation through attendance at seminars, trade shows, conferences, and events within target sectors
  • Liaison consulates, accountants, lawyers and industry associations on your behalf
  • Introductions to trusted key professional service providers in areas such as immigration, visas, taxation and corporate structure
  • Conduct company meetings for trade and investment; either in-person or by phone
  • Liaising to obtain applicable information and proposals from communities
  • Nurturing leads through the conversion process to guide the prospect investment or trade
  • Updating CRM on a timely basis
  • Preparation of meeting summaries
  • Preparation of final report


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